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Family & Friends of OSI-CAN
Support Groups


OSI-CAN provides peer groups that aid in the recovery and resiliency of the family as a whole. At times, adult family and friends of those affected by Occupational Stress Injuries (OSI's) and Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) often may be seeking or require connections and resources of their own. 

OSI/PTSI can occur when a person directly experiences or witnesses a traumatic event. This can also happen with repeated exposure to traumatic events and details as with OSI’s target group; military, first responders, 911 dispatchers and corrections staff.

Being the caregiver or support for someone with OSI sometimes means facing battles of your own. Feelings of isolation, lack of support or understanding are common traits often shared among family members. We offer support, understanding, hope, knowledge, strength and encouragement.

Understanding the symptoms and language of mental-wellbeing can help you to understand what your loved one with an OSI is experiencing. Better mental-health literacy and education might also assist the family in accepting their journey through the healing process.

Those who are in a care/ support position within the family can be especially affected. This vicarious trauma can become a real and complicating factor for individuals in this situation.


Many of our groups have now transitioned back to in-person, however, each group is also offering a hybrid model. This means that if you choose to attend you can register to visit a physical location or you can join through our zoom platform by contacting our Provincial Service Coordinator directly through the link below. 



Interested in joining a group? 

Family & Friends Peer Groups

Groups may require pre-registration to ensure availability and the confidentiality of participants. To register, simply contact our Provincial Service Coordinator by clicking the "Contact Us" button above.


3rd Wednesday of each month @ 7:30 pm.


Tammie Hurmosura, Support Group Leader

Grande Prairie

3rd Thursday of each month @ 7:00 pm. 

Email: contact Provincial Service Coordinator

Belinda Sieker, Support Group Leader

(Currently not available)


3rd Wednesday of each month @7:00 pm.


Devona Gibson, Support Group Leader


Every 2nd Monday @1:00 pm.


Heather Vanderveer, Support Group Leader


OSI-CAN Family Group Contacts

Are you looking for more Information? Access to resources? Looking to join a group? Contact OSI-CAN's Provincial Service Coordinator.

Jason Trenholm, CD

Provincial Service Coordinator

(780) 499-5794

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