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A History of OSI-CAN

OSI-CAN is an Operational Stress Injury/Post Traumatic Stress Support Initiative.
Initially created in January 2016 as a partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association (SK) and The Royal Canadian Legion (Saskatchewan Command). In 2019, the program expanded to include the Alberta A.S.K Peer Support Groups, with the program operating some 12 groups across the province.

OSI-CAN Alberta is a named project of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Divison offering Peer Support Groups, Family Support Groups, assistance with service dog acquisition and referrals to equine therapy programs. Our support groups provide a free, safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment where we can talk openly about mental health to build our literacy while finding meaningful support and resources.


Our Mission

To inspire hope and contribute to the continuous well-being and recovery process of Veterans, Community First Responders and Public Safety Personnel.

Our Vision

To empower and encourage them to strive for recovery, resiliency and
post-traumatic growth through self-determination while creating greater public awareness.

Our Values

To promote hope and recovery, empathic and equal relationships, self-determination, dignity, respect and social inclusion. To build integrity, authenticity, trust, health, wellness and lifelong learning through personal growth.

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