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OSI-CAN is proud to provide Equine Assisted Therapy Programs across the Province in partnership with qualified providers, aiding in the recovery of Occupational Stress Injuries (OSIs) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

In Northern Alberta, we are partnered with Y-Knott Ranch, whom also provides Equine Assisted Therapy through their Y.I.E.L.D (Y-Knott Integrated Equine Learning Development) Program. Please call (780) 898-7864 to contact them. 


In Central Alberta groups we have partnered with Equine Reflection


In Southern Alberta, we are partnered with Prairie Sky. Please call (403) 966-4431 or learn more about them at

If you're a Military member or First Responder looking for support through equine therapy contact the Alberta, Provincial Coordinators at or call (587) 635-2877.

By Ron --- OSI-CAN Equine Therapy Testimonial:
  "One of the largest hurdles for myself in dealing with an Occupational Stress Injury as a Peace Officer in the Law Enforcement world is finding the ability to know if I can trust my own emotions, or even know what they are.  The Trainer is there to help you understand that even if you do not trust yourself, you can trust the horse to know where your heart and head is at. 

   In the beginning, when it came to try riding my first instinct was to approach getting on the Horse like I was responding to a ‘Code’ at work.  I do not know what my Trainer saw but she encouraged me to take a step back, and she was right!  After taking time to know ‘my’ horse Aida, by brushing her and cleaning hooves and leading her through a course or a game of ‘Horse Hockey’ (not kidding, that is what it is called) I am slowly understanding what the Trainer meant.  Really trusting others while also admitting you need them is a lot easier when trusting something whose needs for interaction are … simpler.  I have a long road ahead, but OSI-CAN and Aida are becoming the difference between counting on others and knowing that the others are there is what means you can count on yourself!!.

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